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A little help with an assignment?

Hello everyone!

Pardon the intrusion, but I have to ask for your help. I am doing a project on Turner's Syndrome in my Science of Women's Bodies class. I am required to administer a poll for my project and would really love it if you filled it out.
I will keep all answers screened unless you indicate that it is okay to unscreen your answers. I'll also give you a copy of my paper when I'm done with it if you really want! (That way you can see what I've done with the information I've compliled.) All I'll really be doing is saying stuff like "of the people polled, this many people said that".

Thanks so much.


3)Do you know what Turner's Syndrome is? If yes, please state; if no, take a guess (no googling!)
4)Do you know anyone with Turner's Syndrome?
5)Turner's Syndrome is a:
a-psychological disorder
b-chromosomal/genetic disorder?
c-hormonal disorder?
d-metabolic disorder?
6)T or F? Turner's Syndrome can be cured.
7)T or F? You can tell someone has Turner's Syndrome just by looking at them.
8)T or F? People with Turner's Syndrome can be male or female.
9)T or F? People with Turner's Syndrome cannot reproduce.
10)T or F? Turner's Syndrome usually occurs along with mental/physical retardation.

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